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Largo – Parasol For Municipal Areas

Largo - Parasol For Municipal Sites

Elaborate yet functional municipal parasol
This parasol model is ideal for municipal areas such as government buildings, religious sites and stadiums. The impressive, large-size parasol has an unusual and elegant shape opening upwards like a tulip. The underlying principle of a parasol is literally turned “upside -down”. Only the textile covering and the cladding of the center pole are visible. Other technical details are nearly all hidden in the parasol. Pure premium beauty. The parasol’s sturdiness is guaranteed for wind speeds of up to a max. of 130 km/h. The parasol features optional Interior & indirect lighting, telescopic opening and closing using a crank or motor drive. Parasol weight approx. 800 – 2,350 kg.
Tough Ferrari 302 PVC is used for the membranes with a choice of around 20 colours.

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Shapes & Sizes

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