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Morton Parasols

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About Us

We are a dedicated team of professionals with a rare work ethic matched only by our product portfolio. During the last 17 years, we have been engaged in the supply of world-class commercial parasols to the hospitality, catering, leisure industries and discerning individuals.

These web pages display the very finest commercial parasols available anywhere in the world. Cutting edge innovative design and peerless quality is our standard.

All of our parasols are made in Western Europe, over 50% of which, are proudly MADE IN ENGLAND.

We are serious about quality. Our products are built to exacting and prescribed standards by designer and artisan manufacturers. We are familiar with our products and carefully examine the features of each model before offering them for sale. We recognise the value of customer satisfaction and have built our reputation upon top line quality and service.

We do not simply sell parasols. We expertly advise our clients to ensure that our offer to supply is a perfect match to their exacting and individual requirements. We understand that our clients are investing in a high quality product, so do not skimp or cut corners in any way, thus ensuring that the purchasing experience exceeds expectation.

Many world famous brands have placed their trust in Morton Parasols to supply a comprehensive service from specification through to installation, commissioning and our all important world-class after sales care. Our global scope of supply has led us to provide our services to prestige brands, not just in the hospitality sector, but also to Royal Households and famous people. We are proud of our proven track record in providing a truly professional, comprehensive and peerless service to our valued clients – our reputation precedes us.